We’ve not seen this, but knowing – and loving – Emma Rice, we can safely say one thing: you’ll get your money’s worth with Oedipussy. Just look at the description: an outrageous no-holds-barred subversion of the quintessential Greek tragedy – a tale of forbidden lust, accidental incest, violent murder and the ultimate dysfunctional family: a jealous father, a messed-up son, and one mother of a brilliant comedy.

Yep, that sounds like a night out to us. We saw Berkoff’s Greek the other year (same tale, less jokes) and feel a chilly winter’s evening needs the physical high jinx that only Emma Rice can bring.

Rice is artistic director at award-festooned Kneehigh Theatre Company – if you’ve had the pleasure of catching their joyous adaptation of Brief Encounter, or Hansel and Gretel at the Everyman, you’ll know the sort of magic Rice brings to the stage.

Silly, frenetic, and full of energy. Oedipussy promises a Greek tragedy that’ll leave a smile on our faces.

13-17 March

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