It’s true, we admit it. There are some bands that we gravitate towards easier than others (no one really came to this site because they liked the way we sat on the fence, did they?). Mashemon are one. We’re a sucker for chewy, chunky electronic rock. Imagine if, say, Wolf Parade came from Wallasey. That’s a recipe for surefire adoration in our books. And so it is that Mashemon – purveyors of tunes that exercise head, heart and feet – are to release their latest clutch of lovingly sculptured noise this weekend. On St Patrick’s Day, should you care about venerating snake-bothering saints.

If you wanna catch them earlier than, say, their 2am in the morning performance at Threshold fest, we’d say this weekend is a good time. That they’re not playing in an Irish themed bar is, we think, the gravy on top. And they’ve only gone and dragged along synth ensemble to the stars, the sublime Dass Unser. And they’ve found a music venue still allowed to be loud. Which, of itself, is something to celebrate.

The Details:

MASHEMON – present a juicy platter of electronic rock noise made by hand from the finest ingredients. They invite you to climb their ladder, although you will have to kick it away once you’re up.

DASS UNSER – electronic pop and melancholy disco from Liverpool – Just released new track fusing vintage moroder synth throb with a New Order sheen.

SO SEXUAL – Sassy pop, kissed by 80s nostalgia! for the love of making boys & girls, dance, clap and shout about the good times… in a super cool fashion of course.

FADED GOLD – Faded Gold is the music of solo artist Stefanie Chew, an electronic experimental performer from Liverpool UK. Crafting her songs from her love of post rock and electronic music, the resulting output is an eclectic mix influenced by artists such as Explosions in the sky, Boards of Canada, M83 and Walls to name a few.

DJ Alterboy will be hitting the button marked “Electronica Napalm”

All this for the amazing price of nothing at all.

Saturday 17 March
Lomax, Cumberland Street

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