You don’t need the political machinations of the Eurovision Song Contest to expose your ears to the wild and wilfully un-palylistable rhythms of new music. You’ll find fresh and brow-furrowing beats aplenty in town next week, courtesy of experimental US duo, Lucky Dragons.

Performing their only north of England gig at Wolstenholme Creative Space, Lucky Dragons promise an eclectic fuse of live music, video projection, warm and fuzzy electronica and ‘post-song’ improvisations in a set that shows the rest of us just what can happen when you think outside of the box marked Korg sequencer.

Co-founder Luke Fischbeck puts it better than us: “Everything we’ve done since the beginning was to change the simple thing of what it means to be a band. This often, but not always, means making or rearranging everyday sounds.”

Committed to keeping music vital, surprising and, well, alluring, Lucky Dragons might well be here to save us all. And rescue that Jubilee weekend from Gary Barlow and co.

Lucky Dragons
2 June, £6
Wolstenholme Creative Space

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