Wouldn’t you know it. You wait 40 years for some Brian Epstein stuff in Liverpool and all of a sudden there’s not just a new theatre named after the Beatles impresario, there’s a new play celebrating the man’s life on at the Unity.

The play – entitled Love Me Do, natch – revolves around Epstein taking the Fab Four to see George Martin. The rest is history. Or is it? The play promises to shed some light on Epstein’s life as he ponders his career on what would turn out to be his final weekend in 1967.

Epstein was, of course, was of the great showbusiness tragedies. Although he remained on good terms with his charges and made a great deal of money, he took to drugs and gambling and struggled with his hidden homosexuality. He was dead before he hit his 33rd birthday.

Today Epstein’s role in the creation of The Beatles, Merseybeat and a number of other artists is acknowledged alongside his difficult personal life and wily business acumen.

Love Me Do promises a different re-telling of the Beatles story and a personal look at a man the fab four believed to be the genuine fifth Beatle.
Love Me Do
Unity Theatre
Thu 13 – Sat 15 September

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