We sometimes forget that amongst all the rivalries, name-calling and brutal business dealings that football can still be a unifying, powerful force. That, occasionally, it can bring people together in curious and excellent ways.

Liverpool Homeless Football Club is a 5-a-side league set up for people directly affected by homelessness, and involves a network of teams from homeless organisations and hostels across the region. As well as football, the Club aims to promote health awareness, healthy living and general advice and support. Basically, it’s brilliant.

It’s their last meeting of the season this Tuesday (22nd May) and it sounds like a fun, joyous day out: there’ll be music provided by a choir, hot food sourced from one of the participating hostel’s allotments, awards and presentations for the players and, of course, some footie being played.

Put your Premier League allegiances to one side for a day and celebrate the fact that yes, football can still be a forward-thinking, positive thing. Here’s the proof.

Liverpool Homeless Football Club
Tuesday 22nd May
Pitz Power League Football Pitches, 2 Whittle Street, Liverpool L5 2SQ
Football from 10.30am, awards and lunch from 1pm

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