Do you eat food? And do you drink drinks? We ask because we’re fans of both, but also because there’s a food and drink festival to Liverpool at the start of September – sure to appeal to eaters and drinkers alike.

This will be the fourth Liverpool Food and Drink Festival and it’s noticeably larger this year, rather like a souffle that’s been baking for 20 minutes. The city is the venue and menus are on the, er, menu.

70 of the city’s bars, restaurants, producers and hotels will be embracing the festival – with the launch event in Sefton Park extended to two days this time around, a reflection of the fact that 30,000 people in the relatively compact area in years gone by rather stretched capacity, like a Chinese meal lying heavy on a stomach (that’s enough food similes – Ed).

Stock cube loving Michelin-starred chef Marco Pierre White will return to the festival alongside MasterChef’s John Torode and SevenStreets favourite Simon Rimmer, who will be demonstrating their skills in a Celebrity Chef Theatre.
There’ll also be Masterclass Theaters so you can beef up your skills; Liverpool’s very own Oktoberfest – a celebration of German food and booze – in Sefton Park and a whiskey-festival at our old friend the Adelphi.

What’s more there’s a waterfront spectacular to close out the festival that will coincide with tall ships and a firework display.

When it comes to food, less is often more. Where food festivals are concerned, what the hell. Just stock up on Zantac for the morning after.

Liverpool Food and Drink Festival
From 3 September
Citywide, including Sefton Park, the Adelphi Hotel, waterfront areas

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