There are few cities this side of the Atlantic that could genuinely lay claim to the title International Festival of Psychedelia. Fortunately Liverpool is one of them.

Festivals of a musically retro nature (blues, jazz, and god save us all from the punk festival) are normally tawdry affairs with a bunch of sweaty old men chest beating in the name of former glories.

There’s little more depressing.

The Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia is something else altogether and a lot smarter. The bands have the vibe of psychedelic expression without the albatross of history around their necks. And there’s not a revival act in sight.

No Sky Saxon. No Love. Though to be fair the city had one of the greatest Arthur Lee/Love shows at The Academy back in 1992 with Shack in tow so that box has been well and truly ticked.

Richard Norris’s Time & Space Machine co-headline with the wonderful Icelandic outfit Dead Skeletons. Both artists are quite a coup and are complimented by Will Sargeant of this parish, the terrific Mugstar, Plank! and amongst others the legendary record collection of Bernie Connor.

Taking place at Camp and Furnace, The Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia should be a treat for those looking to take their third eye out for a spin round the cosmos and back. Hopefully back.

Turn on. Tune in. Turn up.

Liverpool Festival of Psychedelia
29 September
Camp and Furnace
Tickets, £20


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