Memory, landscape and atmospherics combine to create something magical and evocative in Rebecca Joy Sharp’s latest exploration of that space where sound, vision and storytelling collide.

Visiting The Bluecoat this Saturday, Little Forks is an immersive experience that promises to envelop you like a Scottish mist rolling in from the Atlantic.

Two voices tell a tale of a brother and sister revisiting their childhood holiday cottage in a remote west Highland crofting village. Their journey is as much emotional as physical as, en route, secrets and hurt emerge from long-buried memories.

We learn, through soundscapes, story and projections, that an incident occurred during their last family holiday, which meant the siblings would never return to the cottage, nor to the mysterious remains of an Iron Age homestead hidden deep in the forest.

Together brother and sister unearth a version of the past and with it, an understanding of the present.

This is set to be a powerful psychogeographical exploration – as lyrical and lovely as Rebecca’s earlier piece, Whale Song, a Love Story – which was so well received it’s due for a re-performance next month at the Bluecoat. Go see both, you won’t see anything more wonderful this season.

Little Forks
17 November
The Bluecoat

Tickets: £5/£7

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