He’s a bit of a hero of ours. He writes 8 minute blissful techno operas called Boney M Down. He’s Norwegian. And he’s over here. We’re officially excited about Lindstrøm’s imminent appearance at the Kazimier (and surprised that this is the second post today featuring Boney M. Oh, those Russians)

Expect stuff from his new set, Smalhans, his second album to come out in 2012. Earlier this year he released the introverted and experimental Six Cups of Rebel, but – hurrah – Smalhans finds Lindstrøm back on the dance floor with six monumental tracks.

Stavanger’s finest audio bully will be whipping us into a frenzy on the 27th October, People’s Balearic Disco, Discoteca Poca & Evol. They’ve all come together for this. And they’re telling us not to expect your typical gig. This is Lindstrøm live, after all. It’ll be a progtrancetecho workout. And it’ll be bloody fantastic. So expect this one to be a very special Kazimier night.

27 October

Ticket: £13.50 (from Bold Street Coffee, among other places)

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