Linda Perhacs is a force of nature – her psychedelic-tinged folk was almost too ethereal for the post Vietnam folk agenda – and her songs sunk under the radar, in a Diamond Day kinda way. But Perhac’s 1970 Parallelograms album is, thankfully, being reappraised as something of a lost classic.

It’s a shame it’s not been picked up my a mobile phone network for their latest campaign. Or, maybe not.

She’s in town next month – to show us all why everyone from Daft Punk to Devendra Banhart are firmly in camp Perhacs.

“I’m not a drug user,” she says, of her transcendental and intuitive compositions. “I never was in the ‘60s and ‘70s, but I loved those people because they were dealing with energies, and our conversation level would be very deep. I’m deeply intuitive, I see and hear things the average person might not experience.”

Feted by Julia Holter, Sufjan Stevens and co, it wasn’t until she watched a solar eclipse from her bedroom window that Perhacs knew the time was right (we love anecdotes like this. Can you imagine Rihanna releasing a CD after she’d been buzzed by a meteor shower?)

“I was just overwhelmed by the beauty,” she recalls. “A whole new song concept poured into me, faster than I could write it down.”

Perhac will be playing songs from Parallelograms and her second album, released a scant 44 years after her debut, the fragile and beautiful The Soul of All Natural Things, released on Sufjan Steven’s Asthmatic Kitty label.

This is a rare chance to soak up a sold gold folk legend, and swim back up to the source: your favourite Americana band? This is where it all began (well, Guthrie notwithstanding, of course).

Perhac’s chosen Liverpool for one of just 4 dates in the UK – so, really, miss it and, like a transit of Venus, it’s unlikely you’ll get the chance to witness a night like this again in your lifetime.

GUY BLAKESLEE (The Entrance Band)
DJ ADAM WALTON (BBC Wales/Crackling Vinyl)

3 June
Leaf, Bold Street

Tickets available from Eventim, Ticketline and in Probe Records

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