Like many of you, we were a little suspicious of Eric’s when it first (re)opened. Would it be another Cavern, serving up endless tribute bands and tourist fodder? Turns out, it’s actually been surprisingly good. Their booking policy has been on form recently: The Raveonettes, Beth Jeans Haughton, Nite Jewel, Martha Reeves, Shearwater and Pere Ubu have all passed, or are passing through, the Mathew Street venue. So it’s a shame that its Cavern Quarter location (generally snubbed by music fans more used to Ropewalks venues), coupled with relatively expensive tickets, has scuppered some potentially great gigs.

Next month sees the inimitable Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry head to town (we’re hoping we catch him doing shots in Revolution afterwards). This septuagenerian Jamaican legend’s live show is suitably nuts – last time we saw him he rabbled on about God, toilets, women’s arses and toasters in between tracks, which gives you a good idea of where his head is at. His booty-shakingly deep vibes have inspired countless generations of musicians, and it’s well worth heading along this February to pay your respects to the king of bonkers, unpredictable dub.

Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry
Eric’s, Mathew Street, Liverpool
17th February, 8pm, £27.50

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