Lambchop’s Nixon never grows old. Rich, inventive, warm and heady it’s the sound of a band hitting their stride and really not getting into a lather about it. Their new Nashville blend of soul, sweet country and memorable songwriting hasn’t really diminished since then (can it really be 13 years ago?), so we’re rather excited about next week’s show – especially as last year’s offering, the masterful Mr M, sees the band at their 20 year best. Wounded, brittle, subtle and emotionally direct, it should make for an intimate and memorable evening.

“I’ve been doing this for a while, always with the same basic notion that I am sharing through songs – secretly, intimately – my ideas with my friends and loved ones,” says frontman Kurt Wagner.

“As I worked, I was approached by Mark Nevers (former full time band member & producer for the likes of Andrew Bird and Will Oldham) with the idea of making another Lambchop record. He had a concept of a sound and a method that worked with the tone of my writing. His idea was a kind of ‘psycha-Sinatra’ sound, one that involved the arranging of strings and other sounds in a more open and yet complex way. It was a studio creation, not a type of recording based on band performance, and this was a radical approach for us. I felt Lambchop had one more good record in them…”

Go see for yourself next week at the Kazimier.

25 June

Tickets: Bido Lito

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