If you’ve fond memories of gawping at Hulk Hogan’s glorious mullet as it bobbed and weaved in hypnotising slow motion during the WWF’s golden years, or you sat glued to the telly as Giant Haystacks kept lycra manufacturers working overtime during the 80s, you will love this evening event at Drop The Dumbells next week.

Local illustrators and artists William Daw, Sean Wárs, Hannah Bitowski and Golden Harvest Industries have come together to celebrate the glorious sport (yes, puritans – it is a sport) in an exhibition-meets-installation-meets-wrestling-party next week.

The artists will be presenting a whole slew of new wrestling themed work across the venue, as well as a rather curious sounding “Kayfabe Museum of rare wrestling ephemera and memorabilia”. Expect the unexpected, basically.

A celebration of wrestling wouldn’t be complete, though, without actual wrestlers. So local wrestling crew Infinite Promotions are coming down for a couple of bouts. It sounds like chaos. And totally brilliant. We’ll see you ringside.

Drop The Dumbells, 34 Slater Street, Liverpool
Thursday February 21st
£5, 6pm (entry includes free poster)

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