Julia_Holter_1Occupying the sweet spot somewhere between Stina Nordenstam and Laurie Anderson (we’d say Kate Bush, but which mildly kooky female performer isn’t compared to Ms Bush?) is the off-kilter loveliness of Julia Holter. With her decidedly avant-garde take on ambient, Holter conjures up soundscapes that are both otherworldly and strangely compelling – her driving force? To make music that’s ‘anything but lazy.’

She succeeds dazzlingly – as any listen to her first three releases testifies, there’s more going on in one song than Rhianna crams into a entire made-by-committee album. Not that it’s easy listening. It’s probably the exact opposite – but come to see her, live, and you’ll experience a very singular, and special, musical talent at play. But we warn you, every album you’ve downloaded so far this year might start to look incredibly humdrum by comparison.

Julia Holter
15 November

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