In reality, of course, calling it a shed is a bit like calling the Sefton Park palm house a gazebo. Peel’s outbuildings were a temperature-controlled labryth of a barn, stuffed to the gunwales with Fall and Throbbing Gristle LPs. And, who knows, it might one day find a permanent home in Birkenhead Town Hall. Wouldn’t that be amazing? What’s the betting Nigel Blackwell will cut the ribbon?

Fresh from a sell out at Edinburgh, and bringing a clutch of five star reviews in its wake, John Peel’s Shed follows the fortunes of John Osborne who won a box of Peely’s records which took him over eight years to listen to.

John Peel’s Shed tells the story of what happened when John decided to listen to a different radio station every day, all day, for a month. His true story journey took him from data entry at Anglia Windows, via interviewing radio greats such as Nicholas Parsons and Mark Radcliffe; to presenting his own local radio show. John Peel’s Shed is script edited by Joe Dunthorne (Submarine, Wild Abandon) and directed by Show And Tell.

Sounds like bliss to us.

John Peel’s Shed
22 February, Unity Theatre

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