What: In this case, we think the ratio is 1:3, but it’s in our favour – as one third of Factory record’s A Certain Ratio, bassist/vocalist Jez Kerr brings his dark, urgent indie pop to the Static Gallery. ACR were, of course, very much part of the MCR DNA back in the 80s, fusing elements of soul, funk and jazz to the dour rainmac atmospherics of Joy Division. Kerr’s post punk solo workouts bolt his trademark thundering bass onto the perfect M60 ring road driving soundtrack.

With: It’s an electroclash workout of the highest order, as Kerr’s supported by Balearic chancers, The Tea Street Band, debuting their juicy new material: they’ve been recording with Mario L.E.A.L in LIPA (“it’s a monster,” they tell us). And the glo-fi enigma that is Dass Unser – cruelly, and wonderfully, mixing squeaky electronica with wistful melancholia. “It’s so hard to make it in the city/No-one here  to help a lending hand…” Like, hello, do you read our comments section?

A great night in store, then. And another nicely curated musical evening courtesy of those surefooted Harvest Sun boys.

When: 16 September.

Where: Static Gallery, Roscoe Lane.

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