Why hasn’t Piers Morgan done a Life Stories on Jesca Hoop? Oh yeah, because he’s a c bomb. Still, his loss is our gain. The unfeasibly interesting life and times of Jesca Hoop has seen this California-born, Manchester-adopted singer nanny the offspring of a certain Tom Waits.

Yeah, we bet she’s sick of that anecdote too. And that she used to live under a tree, with her Mormon folk singer parents. The recent death of both of whom has lead – naturally – to Hoop’s starker, poignant, stripped down offerings. Her voice, though, is as transcendental as ever. And, on stage, she’s a warm, effusive and delightful performer.

Catch her at Leaf, courtesy of Mellowtone and Ceremony Concerts, to showcase songs from her latest album, The House that Jack Built – Hoop’s most immediate and soul-strirring set yet. In the intimate surroundings of Leaf it’s set to be a bit of a special one. Support from Natalie McCool, Jay Lewis, Beaten Tracks DJs.

June 28, Leaf, Bold Street
Tickets £7.50

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