A short film directed by polymath Hollywood actor James Franco (who can, like, do anything. Apart from present the Oscars. Boy he stank at that) and commissioned by our very own FACT screens tonight on Channel 4 as part of its Random Acts series.

Franco’s three-minute short Dream was also screened last week at the Rome Film Festival alongside the 25 other films co-commissioned and co-curated by FACT and independent producer Jacqui Davies, from artists including Marina Abramovic, Mark Wallinger and Mark Leckey.

“Dream is inspired by a variety of sources: images based on personal experiences, personal dreams, images based on other people, death, life, and the photography of Gregory Crewdson. It is comprised of a single roving shot to give a sense of the fluid nature of dreams. We focused on art direction intensely so that the piece is as much a sculpture as it is a film. ”

Sounds like 127 Hours, in three minutes.

Dream will be shown on Channel 4 on tonight (November 26) at 11.20pm, and after that will be available to watch on both the Random Acts and Artplayer websites.

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