The Liverpool Lantern Parade, taking place every Hallowe’en in Sefton Park, is one of our favourite events in the city.

The fact that it’s an event that’s clearly enjoyed enormously by all ages and races is wonderful; the fact that a group of volunteers gets together every year to make ensure it happens it heart-warming; the sheer visual spectacle of it all is almost overpowering.

Read this blurb – we defy you not to find the very idea of it all utterly enchanting:

“Hungry ghosts of all shapes and sizes will be rampaging through Sefton Park this year as part of the Halloween Lantern Carnival.

“The delirious ghosts emerge from the darkness, attracted by the light of hundreds of community-made lanterns and seek food and drink, warmth, love and friendship from the mortal world.

“Come and see giant illuminated stones covered with mysterious markings, move of their own accord through the park, pulled by magnetic astrological forces.

“Witness bizarre, unimaginable and downright ludicrous rituals, where winged creatures bat through the trees and hermits levitate teacups whilst balancing on one leg.

“Runic dancers, choral chanting, conspiracy theorists and Newsflash reporters rove through the crowds, as a magical offering of lanterns draws the ancient circle of the Sefton Stones together, opening a firey portal to the cosmos.

“Will enough love be generated to release the hungry ghosts from their torments..?”

The last two years have left images burned on our minds forever; a giant bird, wings flapping and ablaze in the night and Charon traversing the Styx (above).

It only gets off the ground every year if enough people donate their time and efforts to repairing and creating the lanterns themselves – as a result there’ll be a number of workshops in the build-up to this year’s Hallowe’en Lantern Parade around the city.

The official website has more details on how to get involved; while a cash donation will do just as well if you can’t get your hands dirty.

Hallowe’en Lantern Carnival 2011
Sefton Park
Sunday 30 October 2011 – procession starts at 5.30pm

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