What: Have you picked up Good Vibrations? It’s a tasty little stew of a magazine, and no mistake. Covering fashion, music, gigs, club nights and independent shops, it’s living proof that you don’t need a frontal lobotomy to run a free, city based lifestyle mag.

So when the good people at Good Vibrations hold a night, well, it’s gonna give us expectations… etc.

Fusing the sharpest hip-hop, soul, rock and funk, Good Vibrations sets out its stall in no uncertain terms:  fresh, spirited and soaked with a healthy dose of underground energy, we reckon this might well be your favourite new excursion up town.

Next up, they’ve got MC Crystalize from Manchester, the White Stripes-indebted Calimocho Club, a rich roster of home-grown MCs and  the eight piece funk and neo-soul Gods, Manukah. Expect to get a sweat on.

Where: Kozy Corner Cafe and Bar, Maryland Street. £2.50 Door/ £1.50 conc.

When: 1 October


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