Websites and newspapers are full of advice on presents at this time of year. We have some alternative suggestions – many of which you can read about in our latest Almanac – including some warmng Christmas spirits. Sure, liverpool-organic-brewery2you can buy them some booze – but why not take them out for a night on the town to sample it instead?

We’ve written approvingly about Liverpool Gin before and we’re not about to stop just yet. While a bottle will make a great gift, there’s always the prospect of taking a loved one along to the Liverpool Gin Tasting session at Blackburne House. For £25 you get plenty of booze, talks on gin and its uses, a gin master class and a glass to take home.

If the strong stuff is a bit much, consider the Black-E Christmas Beer Festival at one of Liverpool’s most enigmatic public spaces. Liverpool Organic Brewery is hosting over four days – plenty of time to enjoy over 200 real ales, ciders and craft beers.

There’ll be local food and live music to ease you along too – for eight quid a session in the stunning Black-E main space it looks like a bit of a steal.

Black-E Christmas Beer Festival
The Black-E
5-8 December

Liverpool Gin Tasting
Blackburne House
18.30pm – 20.30pm, 12 December

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