We’re not sure you’re aware of this but there’s a recession on at the moment.

We’ve been maxing out our Taste Card, heading down to the local supermarket at ‘yellow sticker’ time and eating tap-water sandwiches. But man cannot live on austerity fare alone.

So thank goodness for free rock’n’roll. Or, more to the point, Free Rock’N’Roll, courtesy of Liverpool’s very own modfather, Pete Bentham. Bentham has been busy staging gigs in Liverpool that do not require a guestlist for as long as we can remember – and there’s a whole day of music to be enjoyed this weekend.

Okay, it’s not free. There’s two pounds entry on the door. But it’s nearly free – and for that you get a whole 19 bands worth of aural pleasure, including some of Liverpool’s brightest and best.

Upstairs at Mello Mello this Saturday you can enjoy Long FInger Bandits, The Vermin String Band, Loose Moose and Dick Limerick Academy, among others. But if your poor ears need a rest there’s also Barbieshop, The Flamin’ Mamies, Ratty Little Fingers and busking hero Tom George.

Festivities kick off around three and go on late into the night – and when the bands are finished expect more (cheap) music from DJs until the early morning.

So enjoy a guilt-free musical Saturday, even if you can’t enjoy a headache-free Sunday.

Free Rock’N’Roll Big All-Dayer
Mello Mello
15.00-late, 27 October

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