How do you celebrate the setting of the summer sun? With a fiesta, of course. And, with the more than capable hands of Fiesta Bombarda, you can be sure the summer sun will set in style. That they’ve moved from the Bombed Out church to the Kazimier shows what can happen in the space of one season in this city.

We’ve all fallen in love with the Kazimier’s outdoor garden, its huge sails sweeping over the bar, its balcony overlooking the scene, and its checkpoint charlie watchtower surveying us all. It’s an amazingly successful new space, and, we think, the perfect venue for Bombarda’s riotous, gleeful hootenanny.

Expect Edgar Summertyme’s day-glo guitar pop, the feisty hi-octane folk of Ratty Little Fingers, and support from Fire Beneath The Sea, Wonderlust and more.

The party continues in the surefooted hands (sounds like a tricky manoeuvre in Twister) of Audio Voyeur at the helm of the DJ booth (y’know, that bottleneck of people dancing on the benches, when you’re trying to nip to the loo), and there’ll be carnival face painting, party games and delicious (MelloMello-made) food.

Summer might be over, but we’re sure as hell can promise this will be one last hurrah that you won’t want to miss. And as official media sponsors we’re not being paid to say that. We say it because everywhere Fiesta Bombarda goes, they always take the weather with them.

Fiesta Bombarda
22nd September 6PM – 2AM
Kazimier Garden
Tickets £3

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