All We Are

The brilliant Bombarda gang are hosting a ma-bloody-hoosive knees up this weekend, celebrating an entire year of globe-spanning genre hopping fun in Liverpool.

The weather might be depressingly shit outside, but inside the wonderful confines of the Williamson Tunnels this weekend it’ll be colourful, vibrant and sunshiney. If you’ve never been to a Fiesta Bombarda before, you’re in for a treat: reggae, jazz, folk, rap, calypso and every other joyful genre is squashed into an evening, along with dancers and performances (this time, there’s fire eaters, drum workshops and fruit volleyball. Whatever that is).

Music this time is provided by the wonky post-pop of All We Are (above, currently featured in our new SevenStreets Almanac publication), Harlequin Dynamite Marching Band, DeBruit, United Vibrations, Fire Beneath The Sea and loads more.

Best still? The price: it’s just £4 for a single ticket, or £8 for a two-day ticket. Easily the cheapest, best party in town this weekend. Recommended.

Festival Bombarda
Friday 31st May / Saturday 1st June
7pm – 3am / 4pm – 3am
Williamson Tunnels, Liverpool

Facebook event

Image by Jane MacNeil

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