If, like us, 14th February isn’t exactly the most cheerful time of year for you (smug couples: you can piss right off) then take solice in the fact we’ll all be getting a Valentine’s treat of some sort in a couple of weeks.

The lovely folks at Bido Lito! magazine have put together a Liverpool trio of brilliance: geek-soul superhero Esco Williams, singer/songwriter Stephen Langstaff and clubbing guru Anton Powers have been plonked in the studio to create a brand new piece of music, in association with the CALM charity. In the next couple of weeks they’ll be streaming behind-the-scenes videos over on the CALM website, to give a glimpse into their creating process over at Motor Mouth Studios.

“Valentines Day can be a reminder of a bad relationship gone wrong or the fact that you’re on your own” says Esco. “As a guy we always try to pretend that’s no big deal, but it is. If someone was to listen to this song and then reach out for someone to talk to, that’s what I would want.”

The full track will be available on the CALMZone site on 14th February. Read more about the project in the latest issue of Bido Lito.

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