Liverpool arts organisation Mercy have been playing around with glitched-up, spooked-out explorations in language for a while now, and now with Electronic Voice Phenomena, they’re taking the whole thing out on a UK tour, visiting town this Wednesday.

Calling on the supreme talents of poets Ross Sutherland, Hannah Silva and SJ Fowler, we’re promised rather wonderful sounding ‘seances of the absurd’, mixing up tech and text, performance and physicality.

Each commission takes a slightly different slant: Ross Sutherland delves into decaying memory, while Hannah Silva utilises loops and layers to play with psychologist and medium Stan Gooch’s ‘Total Man’.

Liverpool pop chaps Outfit also appear, looking at the 1990 ‘hidden message’ trial of Judas Priest, while SJ Fowler dives headfirst into ghoulish, shrieking video and song. Prepare yourself for an evening of joyful freakery and experimental sound-gloops. Recommended.

Electronic Voice Phenomena
St George’s Hall, Liverpool
Wednesday 15th May, 7pm. £10/£7

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