The always-wonderful Threshold Festival is currently shaping its 2013 programme, and so far it’s looking brilliant. Set to bring even more buzz to the Baltic Quarter, we’ll be doing a full run-down of the fest nearer the time. In the meantime this uber-special film screening deserves a separate mention.

To kick off the recording of their last album, lush, lovely Danish pop band Efterklang headed to the bleak former mining town of Piramida in the Norwegian Arctic territory of Svalbard. There, they were followed by filmmaker Andreas Koefoed, who shot the band at work and explored the history of the empty, rather sad ghost town through the eyes of a former resident. ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ it ain’t.

The resulting album is one of the band’s most impressive records, but this accompanying film is a gorgeous, brutal and fascinating piece of work in its own right. Part storytelling triumph, part behind-the-scenes look at a band at their peak, this comes highly recommended.

The Ghost of Piramida at Threshold Festival
Sunday 10th March
£1 entry with Threshold Festival ticket. Book here.
Threshold Festival tickets available here

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