They are unquestionably a band of the moment. If they were to turn up, in fifty years’ time, on Antiques Roadshow, all you’d have to do is tip them over to see ‘Made in 2012’ on their bottoms. But that doesn’t mean that Dry The River are no more than fleeting fun (and, actually, they’ve been doing their thing since 2009).

Their punk-edged folk and rabble-rousing singalongs are the scuzzier cousins of Mumford and Sons and, we’ve no doubt, that’s a recipe for success around our shanty-loving shores. Following rave reviews at SXSW the band are fired up and back home, touring their well-received debut set, Shallow Bed.

If you want to watch the ones to watch, consider this advance notice, as “The Most Talked About Band Of The Year” are heading this way…

Dry The River
24 October

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