Despite famously being name checked by The Beatles and thus ensuring that excitable fans will make the pilgrimage down to L18 to pose next to the street sign (or for the more hardcore – rob it), there hasn’t been much in the way of musical action on Penny Lane recently.

However, thanks to a partnership by the successful “The Anfield Wrap” podcast and the Dovedale Towers, the sound of drums – bass guitar, keyboards – is being brought back to the suburbs.

Having spotted a decline in available venues for live music outside of the city centre, they decided to take matters into their own hands and so the Dovedale Social was born – a weekly event which will showcase one of the best bands from Liverpool and beyond featuring DJs and acoustic acts and aiming to become a creative hub in South Liverpool.

First up this Thursday is the Tea Street Band, straight from storming shows at the GIT Awards and Liverpool Soundcity and in coming weeks we can expect local talent from Cold Shoulder and Silent Sleep. With no door tax (I know, that’s my favourite entrance fee alias too) it’s the perfect opportunity to start your weekend a day early. The fun starts at 9pm.


The Dovedale Towers
60 Penny Lane
L18 1DG
twitter: @dovedalesocial

Stephanie Heneghan Pic: John Johnson

6 Responses to “Radar: Dovedale Social”

  1. Doug.

    unfortunately for the residents of the (beautiful) South Liverpool, the Dovedale Towers is a complete rip off. Beer prices are far too high and smacks of profiteering by the owners. They’ve made it a nice place and brought some life back to the old place, but that’s counteracted by the high bar prices.

  2. I’m sure if the owners were ‘profiteering’ they would of chose to sell Carling/Fosters rather than the great selection of world beers they sell.

    The Dovey is a great pub, and relatively well priced. Unless your names Doug

  3. Doug.

    nice one Paul. Last time I checked, a pint of nice ale in a residential pub in the North didn’t cost £3.30 unless I lived in London.

  4. The Rob at 9.37, henceforth Rob da Goth

    £3.30 doesn’t exactly sound prohibitive … good luck finding a pint of anything (including tap water) for £3.30 in That London by the way …

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