Vulgar, opinionated, brutally honest and shockingly uninhibited and certainly not for everybody.

When the venue promoting your gig has this to say about you, you’re certainly not in Kansas any more.

It was with a caveat along these lines that we suggested going to see Stanhope to a theatre partner – almost as if to absolve us of any responsibility; a disclaimer for potential offence.

Speaking of offence, Stanhope was last in Liverpool last year, when he had a falling out with a number of hecklers seemingly intent on ruining the night for everyone.

Stanhope subsequently stated that he’d never play Liverpool again; it came at a time when a poll of leading comedians named Liverpool as the worst place to play a comedy gig.

But Stanhope is back, next week, at the plush Philharmonic Hall (last year it was St George’s Hall – go figure). Will the numbskulls stay away this year – and will Stanhope come prepared?

It adds another level to what you can expect to be a very funny, offensive, challenging and vulgar night of comedy.

But is it comedy? Certainly Stanhope is very funny, but his material is well thought through – and often hard to refute; his argument that “an abortion is green” in response to environmental hypocrites impossible to counter on a logical footing.

Stanhope’s excoriation of the British press in recent weeks has been irresistable – and his besting of columnist Alison Pearson, who took against Stanhope as an internet troll, sublime.

So will Stanhope already have his guard up when he takes to the Philharmonic stage? We’ll have to wait and see; either way this does promise to be an unforgettable night of stand-up in the city. We just pray that Liverpool has a word with itself first.

Doug Stanhope
Liverpool Philharmonic
Monday 16 April

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