It doesn’t get more sublime than Snowdonia. And we’re blessed that this rugged National Park is within 90 minutes’ clip on the A55 (if you don’t make a Little Chef detour, like we do).

Craig Magee is a freelance photographer based in Liverpool: but this is what he does for love, not money. Dot Art’s exhibition of Magee’s images of the mountains and valleys of North Wales is set to remind us all of the beauty in our midst.

“I feel North Wales is like no other place really, when you consider the mix of landscapes that are contained in such a relatively small area. Snowdonia is probably my favourite place ever, the imposing rocky peaks of Ogwen valley and the copper ore blue river beds of Coed-y-Brenin, the places I enjoy visiting the most”

Craig takes a traditional approach to photography; each of these stunning images is shot on Kodak film with a 4×5″ large format camera. This gives each work it’s incredible amount of detail and rendition of colour that can’t be matched with digital.

“A slower, more methodical method, as opposed to the often rushed feeling shooting digital provides with its instant results. While each image is a record of maybe only a few seconds of time, at most. Every image is a reminder of a longer moment, the time spent looking for the shot, setting up the camera, then waiting, maybe up to an hour, for that decisive moment to press the shutter release.”

13-28 August
12-6pm Monday to Friday and by appointment
Dot Art, 16 Queen Avenue, Castle Street, Liverpool,
Call 0845 017 6660 or see for more information.
All work is for sale and admission is free.

Snowdonia – Photographs by Craig Magee
13h August -28th September 2012

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