They might only have three proper studio albums, but during the 80s Dexys made a huge, ridiculous impact on British pop music. And a dungaree-shaped mark on pop culture itself.

Though they’re most known for that song (we don’t even need to mention it, because it’s probably in your head already), they’ve a small but perfectly formed back catalogue of articulate, soulful pop.

The now-revived band had a quick jaunt across the UK earlier this month, previewing material from new album ‘One Day I’m Going To Soar’, and the reaction’s been overwhelmingly positive. Rather than a band who’ve reformed for cash and are clearly going through the motions, this was a group with a new fire and a new focus. And yes, they still play that song.

They head to Liverpool this September for what’s set to be a raucuous and typically flamboyant Dexys experience. Too-rye-ay.

24th September, 7.30pm
Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

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