Done Titanicin’? Not yet, it seems. Hot on the heels of the impressive ‘Treasured’ event at the Cathedral comes an altogether more intimate and introspective exploration of that fateful journey, from award-winning young poet Chris McCabe and poets Simon Barraclough and Isobel Dixon – an experience that charts a course comfortably clear of cliche.

“The approach we’ve taken is not to address the ship directly – everything seems to have been written about it already, but to come in from an angle,” Chris says (a bit like that iceberg, then?).

“The piece works almost like a piece of live cinema, with poets reading along to the film. Liverpool is mentioned throughout, from White Star to West Derby,” he says of the piece which has been performed, to great reviews, at London’s BFI.

The multimedia journey sets sail this Thursday at The Bluecoat. And you can watch a teaser of what to expect here:

The Debris Field
15 November
The Bluecoat

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