Making good use of the things that they find, the very best re- and up-cycling artists converge on Birkenhead next month for a showcase of, well, rubbish.

Curated by Alison Bailey Smith, De-Junk Re-Junk takes 30 Merseyside based artists and craftspeople using junk, or discarded materials, and shows us just how- with a bit of creativity and skill -things that would inevitably end up in landfill can be transformed and be saved.

“Expect a very diverse range of work and approaches to materials…imagine you’re child again and having the recognition of the properties of the crisp packet for being a shiny bit of something that can be transformed…” Alison says.

“Last year, the exhibition took a different approach to the previous community show in 2010 with professional artists and craftspeople re-using my old kitchen and producing paintings, mosaics and sculptures. This year, we have used social media to ask for items such as milk bottles and plastic to transform as well as exchanging our own unwanted hoarded, redundant “gems”. We visited Bidston recycling plant to see the recycling process first hand. After which many of the artists reconsidered the items they were using to shift to items not currently being recycled through local recycling facilities.

One of the pieces to be featured in the exhibition will be our new sign made of scrabble parts and broken plates produced at a mosaic workshop. They’re quite beautiful.”

There will be “junk” available for people to take away and create their own de-junk, too, should the event suitably inspire you.

Events like these might seem, on the surface, to be worthy exercises in zeitgeist-jumping. But De-Junk is less about what we throw away and more about what, in the hands of our best craftspeople and jewellers, we can create. More about the beauty within our midst. A chance to stop and take another look

Trust us – if you’re really after rubbish jewellery, we know a few chain stores in Liverpool ONE we could direct you to. If you’re after something quietly wonderful, unique and hand-tooled we’d suggest you head to Birkenhead Park next month.

De-Junk Re-Junk 2-20 July
Birkenhead Park Visitors Centre, Birkenhead,

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  1. abscraft

    This year’s de-junk, re-junk will be at the Williamson Art Gallery open to the public from the 8th of June until the 7th of July Tuesdays to Sundays, with auxiliary events throughout.

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