We used to love City Pets. Until we found out they strangled kittens. Still, they’ve gone now. Citi Petts (no relation) are new to us. And we like what we hear. Booming out a confident stew of hard edged electro-tinged pop, this Liverpool trio arrive with ‘ones to watch’ tatooed on their foreheads. We hear that, live, singer Lizzie O’Neill is a force of nature. She’d have to be, to break through Citi Petts’ dense, crunching beats and industrial-level synths and samples. We hate it when reviewers say that feisty female singers have balls. As if gonads are the only prerequisite to punch above a blokey bassline. They’re not. And she doesn’t. But you could see why people might think it. If you can’t make it tonight, keep an eye on their soundcloud, or buy their debut single, Love in a Riot, on Monday. But then again, what else are you doing tonight? We say go.

Citi Petts
The Shipping Forecast
23 March

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