“If Tarantino had directed Cirque Du Soleil” is the eye-catching claim for this new Circus OF Horrors show – The Curse of the Devil Doll.

If you think you recognise the name, you may have seen Circus Of Horrors in the 90s at Glastonbury – or you may have more recently seen them on reheated end-of-the-pier show Britain’s Got Talent. We understand they’ve previously been banned for a ‘lewd penis display’ and most newspaper reviews inevitably refer to it as ‘bloody good fun’, so you can probably gauge who might enjoy this and who might not.

This new show takes in a visit to Berlin in the roaring twenties, where cabaret is just coming into its own, and is named The Curse of the Devil Doll after a series of bizarre accidents took place during the tour of the Circus’ last show, The Ventriloquist. This new show promises to explores the background of the doll… with alarming results, we’re guessing.

The Circus has a troupe of tumblers, sword-swallowers, knife-throwers, contortionists and aerialists but you can expect signing, dancing, burlesque and carivale – not to mention those big rings that people put in their earlobes.

Do expect liberal use of’ don’t try this at home’ warnings too – and don’t say we didn’t warn you if you’re likely to be offended by blood, naked flesh or things hanging from genitalia.

The Circus of Horrors – The Curse of the Devil Doll
Liverpool Empire
Sunday 20 January 2012

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