Apparently we’ve just come to the end of the summer, which to be perfectly honest was indistinguishable from the beginning, the middle, or any point you would like to choose, of summer. It would probably make more sense to do away with these quarterly seasons and just have an annual one called WET!

Anyway, the technical conclusion of “Summer” means the return of going to The Masque and sweating it out to some boss music, yes, Chibuku is BACK!

And back with a BANG (btw, how do you get a replacement Caps Lock key?) as first up they’ve got Berghain resident Ben Klock in the Theatre for the first time. I went to the Berghain earlier this year, as you’ll be aware if you’ve bumped into me since. The place is INSANE and producing the best techno sound around at the minute. If you can’t afford the air fare to Berlin, pop down to Seel Street instead.

There’s also Mosca, Blawan and, Seven Street’s favourite, James Rand on the bill – it’s going to be GOOD.

For a change of pace, you can always pop upstairs to The Loft, Andy C is celebrating 20 years of RAM Records by getting his mates along, Loadstar and DC Breaks, and also inviting Chibuku ressie (and another of our favourites) Rich Furness to join in.

So wave goodbye to the (mythical) summer and warm up those cold October nights by dancing energetically. And because they’re lovely people at Chibuku, we’ve not only got a free pair of tickets away but also a copy of this Ben Klock Fabric 66 CD so you can recreate the magic of a night out in your living room by turning all the lights off and the volume up to 11. Follow us on Twitter and RT for a chance to win.

Chibuku Shake Shake

Saturday 6th October
The Masque, 90 Seel Street, Liverpool


Ben Klock (Ost Gut Ton)


The Loft – 20 Years of Ram Records
C & GQ 

DC Breaks

Rich Furness

10pm – 3am

Ticketline: 0161 832 1111

3B records: 0151 353 7027 

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