Yeah. if you’re under 21 that’ll mean nothing to you. But there was a time, in the mid nineties, that everyone wanted a neighbourhood coffee shop with a big squishy sofa, a stoney-faced barista and a gaggle of 20 something friends so wrapped up in their own romantic machinations you’d think they owned the place (and how come they ALWAYS got that sofa?).

And now Liverpool is set to get its own branch of the fictional coffee shop, promising “Great coffee, fantastic cakes, American style deli sandwiches, sodas and chocolate from the States, homemade fudge, chocolate and pastries, and regular events like open mic nights, film nights and English tea parties.

We’ll have student deals and meal deals. Business lunches and student brunches. American coffees and English toffees. Great cakes and tray bakes. Sarnies without the barnies. Yankee beers and music for English ears.”

Sadly, it’s not in a cool Greenwich Village street, but opposite Merseytravel’s Headquarters on Hatton Gardens. Handy for all the student halls of residences around that part of town, though.

Hmmm. Will we be there for them? Throw in Smelly Cat and you got yourself a deal.

Central Perk, opens April
The Old Firestation,
Hatton Gardens

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  1. I’ve been here a few times since it opened and it is surprisingly good. I thought it would be really naff but the coffee and cake are tasty and good value and the atmosphere laid back. It is a nice addition to this end of town (and by my office!). The sofas are comfy and you feel really relaxed when you enter. I think because the decor is so incredibly familiar (well to those of us who have watched Friends on repeat for the last 15 years anyway) it kind of feels like being at home or being in your mum’s house!

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