Everyone’s got a blog in them, right? It’s almost rude not to these days isn’t it? So, where do nascent bloggers turn if they want to ‘turn their blog into a profession’?

Well, not here, that’s for sure. We’d love to know. We just write stuff we like and run for cover. That wouldn’t really make a full day’s workshop, would it? Wouldn’t even have time to suck a bourbon in the coffee break.

We’re assuming that’s why we’ve not been invited to share our not not-inconsiderable knowledge to the people of Liverpool in this latest excursion in the real world by Blog North: a network of best bloggers from here, Manchester, Leeds and, we dunno, possibly Chorley.

For £25 you can learn from The Double Negative how to make your blog your job, and hear from The Next Web’s Martin Bryand about how technology can set you free.

As we say, we’d love to know. So, if you go, tell us, yeah?

The day’s workshops are:

Cutting edge social tools for a better online life. The Next Web’s Martin Bryant discusses the latest tools and trends online and how they can improve both your professional and personal life.

Is Twitter working hard enough for you? By Emma Bearman, the guiding light behind Leed’s power-blog The Culture Vulture.

Love your blog Q&A. Learn how to step up a gear from the founders of Liverpool’s online art criticism site, The Double Negative. Laura Robertson and Mike Pinnington outline how they turned blogging into a profession.

And there’s more. More networking. More art. More biscuits:

Lunch provided by Tate Liverpool, with ace culture blogs Creative Tourist, The Culture Vulture and The Double Negative, and Tate staff;

Free entry to the Tate’s summer exhibition (worth £12 – and a solid gold must see, folks)

An optional networking session hosted by The Double Negative, and friends.

You’ll also get a goody bag, an info pack to help you blog about the day, and free tea and coffee.

Book at the excellent Creative Tourist’s website here

Actually, we do have some advice. If you want to set up an art and culture blog, would you mind doing it somewhere else?


Blog North
4 August, Tate Gallery

4 Responses to “Radar: Blog North”

  1. Well, most of the time this ‘make a living from blogging’ lark either involves writing a blog on how to make a living blogging, or generic ’empowerment’ posts (such as how to free yourself from work by blogging for a living about blogging for a living). Still, I made £10 last month from my Liverpool Landscapes blog, and yet they didn’t invite me either…

  2. Clearly I’m a very bitter blogger, and I apologise in advance for what I’m about to say, and the slight Buddhist sentiments in the final sentence.

    Making a living from blogging is so unrealistic an aim, and certainly not a reason to start blogging. Unless you want to start hosting blogging workshops and start charging £25 per head to get in.

    I would love to know how many people out there make a living from their blogs without having a normal job? I would guess there aren’t very many.

    Write a blog because you want to write a blog, that’s the only reason to do it.

  3. Phil Mack

    I don’t understand these ‘social media expert’ people, tbh. I follow both Martin Bryant and Culture Vultures on Twitter, but I’ve put them both on mute because (a) the noise-signal ratio in Martin’s tweets is wrong – there’s far too much self-obsessed crap and not enough about the tech issues I’m interested in, and (b) Culture Vultures just tweet far far too much, pretty much spamming my twitter client with inane comments about nothing.

    If I were to ask anyone to give a presentation on blogs, social media and all that stuff, these two would be the very last people I’d ask. The Double Negative people are good though.

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