We don’t do nearly enough comedy on SevenStreets. That’s because we have very peculiar, and specifically positioned funny bones. And they’re rarely prodded into life by the DVD-hawking comedy panellists you get at the Arena.

But here’s something we love – Big Wow. They’re a double act of rare and brilliant pedigree, creating wonderfully inventive theatrical pieces that combine mime, slapstick, rapid-fire comic conundrums and just bloody good belly laughs by the dozen.

If you’ve seen Insomnobabble, or The Friendship Experiment, you’ll know what to expect. You’ll also know this is set to sell out. So banish those back to work blues, and snap up your seats now.

What: Big Wow, The Art of Falling Apart
When: Thu 12 Jan – Sat 28 Jan 08:00pm
Where: Unity Theatre, Hope Place

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