You will, undoubtedly know Music For A Found Harmonium and Perpetuum Mobile, even if you’ve never heard of the titles. They appear on adverts, soundtracks, background music – everywhere – these days and are probably the best known pieces of work by the Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

The ever-changing musical outfit was kicked off by the the late Simon Jeffes whose son, Arthur, has revived the name and now tours and old Penguin Cafe tunes.

He’s also touring with an offshoot under the name Sundog, which has its roots in the last Penguin Cafe album.

Arthur will be performing on Steinway ‘D’ grand piano with a violinist on the night in the intimate Capstone Theatre, quickly becoming one of the more intriguing performance spaces in the city.

Is it classical, chamber music, ambient or minimalist electronica? Hard to say but it is rather lovely – mixing some of the insistence and gentle rhythm of PCO with a modern twist; some of it is reminiscent of the sombre soundscapes of Clint Mansell and Cliff Martinez; some of it’s something else entirely.

Jeffes promises the unexpected – and a temperamental East European metronome. As a whole it promises to be very good indeed.

Arthur Jeffes – Sundog
The Capstone Theatre
Thursday 13 October

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