Get Art Month off to a cracking start and, like, actually get to own some of the stuff. That’s the deal at this Friday’s Arena Artists’ Auction. And we’ll be there, scratching our noses like the aesthetes we are, and accidentally bidding on far too much stuff to show in our lovely homes.

We’ve been lucky enough to take an Arena studios tour, on one of those open weekend things, and we were blown away. It’s so messy. No – we mean it’s so inspiring. We’d happily be patrons to all of them. Sadly, we’re not rich industrialists. We’re skint internetists. So all we can do is say to you, go, and pick up something stunning, original, locally crafted, and brilliant value.

All art work will be on display from 30th April in the Elevator Café. On the night, preview and registration for bidding will start at 5pm and the auction itself will start at 7pm. Free wine and tapas for all bidders.

The Arena Auction is part of the Liverpool Art Month and is running in conjunction with The Liverpool Art Prize. The 5 short listed artists Alan Dunn, Tomo, Robyn
Woolston and Drawing Paper creators, Jon Barraclough and Mike Carney have all submitted work. With such a high standard of art work, leading to a fascinatingly eclectic
and highly collectible selection of pieces. Check out their faceboook page for full colour proof. Amazing stuff.

For registration, questions, bids contact Minimum bid £30.

Arena Art Auction
Friday 4 May
Elevator Cafe

Pic: Chiz Turnross, Mummers

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