Discoteca Poca is two. And it definitely learned to dance before it could walk. Their monthly subterranean meltdowns in the ‘The Hold’ have become a Shipping Forecast essential. Always dripping prime disco juice from the ceilings.

For their second birthday Discoteca Poca have invited back the one and only Andrew Weatherall for a second bite at the DP cherry, this time joined by Sean Johnston as they present an epic five-hour ‘A Love From Outer Space’ (ALFOS) set.

The duo have been carrying out monthly outer-limits audio experiments in North London’s Stoke Newington, a similarly sweaty basement venue, so we can expect interplanetary good vibes on – in the shape of hypno, early house, acid house and our house, in the middle of the street house. Electric stylings and deep, dark disco for the run-up to Halllowe’en.

Johnston’s words pitch it perfectly; “It’s a down-tempo to mid-tempo psychedelic disco evening”.

“The thing you’ve got to understand about ALFOS is that there isn’t a typical one, and often we don’t know what to expect ourselves,” adds Weatherall.

In short, it’ll be a thriller.

Discoteca Poca 2nd Birthday Presents……
A Love From Outer Space
(Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnston)
Saturday 13th October 2012
The Shipping Forecast, 15 Slater Street Liverpool,
Tickets from £10

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