What: Artist, writer and filmmaker Roland Denning will be chairing a ‘salon debate’ at Leaf, as part of this year’s AND Festival. The event’s wide-reaching orbit will encompass reality management and disinformation in these ‘post-credibility’ times. He’ll be talking writer and cultural theorist Mark Fisher about his book Capitalist Realism

The event is a strand of Denning’s ‘Belief System’ and, for its duration, Denning hopes Leaf cafe will become a ‘cred haven’: “an oasis of belief, a point in virtual or physical space and time where those who doubt many or most things will believe.” Up for discussion – Mirage Men, the story of American deception and paranoia from the dawn of the Cold War to the present day. UFO’s, communism, and capitalism.

What do we believe in these post credible times anyway? How did we get here? And what can we do about it?

Where: Leaf, Bold Street. 2 October, 1pm


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