St Johns, Newfoundland born Amelia Curran is that rare thing: the real deal. A singer-songwriter with no agenda, no social media creation myth, just a guitar, a voice and that unswerving attention to detail that separates out the very best folk singers from the hype. Her honesty and purity might win her kudos on the acoustic circuit, but its the beauty of her compositions (some reminiscent of early Paul Simon, others as rootsy as Emmylou’s finest) that linger longest. She’s making a rare visit to our city this year (on midsummer’s evening, no less) and promises a night of roots, blues, foggy Newfoundland laments and songs you’ll find hard to shake off all summer long. That she’s supported by the never less than wonderful Lizzie Nunnery sets this event out as a red circle in our diaries. Yours too if you know what’s good for you.

Amelia Curran and Lizzie Nunnery
21 June, Rodewald Suite,
Liverpool Philharmonic Hall

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