The a.P.A.t.T orchestra are offering something a little bit special tomorrow night at FACT, scoring a live soundtrack to a visual feast of short films, including Lovecraft’s Craig Sinclair’s animation, ‘Blunderbuss’. Parts 1 through 3 were sublime, meditative and almost hallucinatory, involving the RLPO, Lutyen’s Crypt and Sefton Park: and we don’t expect anything less from tomorrow night’s instalment. It’s the only thing to do on your gift day (that’s February 29th. Don’t waste it).

This, the final instalment of the four part piece, explores ‘those areas where the audial and the visual collide, and where the experience of music passes away from that which is purely created by the human mind and body, and into the realm of technology and manipulation.’ The night also features a rare airing of Stockhausen’s seminal ‘Song of the Youths’ – one of the first ever examples of music written especially for its use of loops and electronic, multi-channel playback.

You can read all about it here.

And you thought, after the X Factor tour, your week couldn’t get any deeper?

Musical Settings 4
Wed, 29 Feb
Fact, Wood Street

(by the way, loving the new website, FACT!)

  • Andy Minnis

    The graphical scores are great, and Craig’s film fantastic… watch out for the walking castle!

  • lambgraeme

    @7streets am shooting that for Bido, need any pics or are you sorted?

  • m4tt_thomas

    @lambgraeme @7streets That’ll be f**king amazing.

  • lambgraeme

    @m4tt_thomas @7streets am very very excited about it 🙂

  • 7streets

    @lambgraeme cheers. We hadn’t planned on doing a post event review thing, but it they’re ace, we wouldn’t mind a shufty. Ta

  • lambgraeme

    @7streets ok will see what I can do

  • Katie Lucas

    Love these guys x

  • Rachel Gardner

    Yes, definitely go, aPAtT’s always worth checking out.