When all things become Threshold this weekend, it’s not just music that will be found in every corner of the Baltic triangle.

Following the unwelcome closure of the CUC, the huge multi-arts festival has become a multi-venue affair, offering theatre, craft, comedy, visual art, philosophy, guerrilla knitting as well as film.

After launching at Threshold 2011, the Prime Cuts Short Film Night made The CUC its home last year and after a short time on the road they’re back at the festival where it all began.

As they were putting the finishing touches to Saturday night I caught up with Prime Cuts aficionados Benjamin Power and Kazik Pierlejewski.

Vinny Lawrenson-Woods: So what’s Prime Cuts Short Film Night all about?

Kazik Pierlejewski: We’re trying to establish more of a filmmaking community in Liverpool, share ideas and knowledge. It’s an open forum. Everyone is welcome.

Benjamin Power: Prime Cuts is a platform and is open to amateur and professional filmmakers. It could be used for networking or even technology advice. It’s whatever you want it to be.

VLW: What happens on the night?

KP: We watch the films that have been submitted and have a chat about them at the end.

BP: And we try to encourage constructive criticism by creating a safe space to give your opinions.

VLW: How do filmmakers get involved?

BP: You can just turn with your film and if there’s time it’ll be screened.

KP: Or you can contact us by email, facebook or twitter before the night.

VLW: Do the films need to be in any particular format?

BP: The film will be played through a laptop and needs to be in a digital format, say MP4.

KP: We’re quite flexible about the length of film.

VLW: So how would you describe a short film?

KP: I don’t know really. We just don’t want to limit the contributions. If someone’s made the effort to create a feature, we still want to support them.

VLW: What are your own backgrounds?

KP: I am a filmmaker and have worked in film and TV. Some of this with Lime Pictures in Liverpool.

BP: I use film and video in my DJ sets and for the band The Science of The Lamps, which I’m a member of.

VLW: Will you and your band be around this weekend?

BP: Yes, The Science of Lamps are playing on Friday night on the Liverpool Live Stage and I’m doing a DJ set at Truff Muff, Thresholds Launch Party on the same night.

VLW: What films are showing on Saturday?

BP: We have a short documentary by Matthew Elliott about prisoners and life after prison. How inmates feel about being excluded from society and how that fits with the Big Society.

KP: We also have 3 or 4 more, including one about rats. Following our discussion the film night will finish with a zombie movie made by a group of students from Chester.

VLW: What’s next for Prime Cuts?

BP: We would love to bring filmmakers together specifically to make films for Prime Cuts.

KP: We also want to encourage filmmakers who’ve screened their work at festivals – to share their films with other filmmakers and talk about their experiences.

BP: And after the festival, Prime Cuts are planning to run film nights from different venues across the city. Get in touch if you want to be involved.

If you fancy a peek at what’s showing or have a short film you want to share, then pop in at the Nordic Church on Saturday or drop Benjamin and Kazik a line to get involved.

Prime Cuts Short Film Night
Threshold Festival
5-8pm, Saturday 12 February
The Nordic Church Crypt

See websites for details or email Kazikpierlejewski@googlemail.com or inspiredcreativity@hotmail.co.uk

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