Everyone’s skint and the world’s gone to pot. But how to we fix it?

Throughout the whole of February, Liverpool Cathedral have announce they’re offering a ‘Pray For The Economy’ area, where people can reflect and pray on how the economy’s gone tits up.

It’s in the form of a labyrinth – but don’t panic! It’s just an open path on the ground with a selection of prayer stations, rather than some impossible science fiction maze you’re stuck in forever. Though, if the Cathedral have got the budget for it, we’d love to see one of those in future.

The announcement says the labyrinth “begins with a journey inwards, to reflect and pray for yourself and your own circumstances. There is then a pause at the centre before starting the journey outwards with different ways to pray for our region, our nation and the world.”

Canon Richard White from the Cathedral said of the new installation: “Jesus taught about money a great deal. We’ve included reminders of some of his words, with space to reflect on all we have to be grateful for, and invitations to pray for our own need as well as those of others.”

The labyrinth is available in the Derby Transept of the Cathedral for the whole of February.

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