One thing the Met Quarter does well (and could well prove to be its lifeline) is its excellent calendar of pop up shops – from Aveda to vintage fashion boutiques, the mall’s central avenue is animated with these temporary interlopers, and the stores doubtless all benefit from the footfall.

SevenStreets favourites, Dot Art are about to add a splash of colour to this half term, as they showcase the excellent array of work from the artists they represent.

“We have always tried to encourage people to regard art as part of everyday life and make it accessible, relevant and enjoyable to all,” says Dot Art’s Lucy Byrne. “By setting up in the Met Quarter we hope that people will feel comfortable coming in to take a look, have a chat, and perhaps take their first step into the world of art buying.”

Some of the highlights of this second show include; a series of semi-abstract paintings of trees by Martin Jones, who looks for pattern and structure within apparent randomness and confusion, imposing order and emphasizing repetition of forms and shapes and new work by popular urban artist Nathan Pendlebury.

The Pop-Up Art Shop, 2-4 June
Upper level, Metquarter,


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