pop leviGood to welcome back one of our adopted sons – and a Renaissance-type man as well. Pop Levi, erstwhile Ladytronner, Ninja Cuts stable hand and part-time film-maker, returns to where it all started – Liverpool – hot on the heels of his rather bizarre recent brush with fame, courtesy of Russell Brand vehicle ‘Get Him To The Greek’.

Levi’s single ‘Sugar Assault Me Now’ is the film trailer’s soundtrack. And, hey, if that gets this singularly talented individual to a greater audience, that’s cool by us. So check him out – for a blast of snake-hipped psychedelic post-pop with scuzzy glam trimmings: perfect for a summer’s evening. And all in our new favourite venue, The Shipping Forecast.

Pop Levi, 23 July
The Shipping Forecast, Slater Street

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